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Guidance for Re-opening of the Church Building

It is important that as we seek to honour the Lord, we also need to respect those placed in authority over us. This is not only for the well-being and safety of our church family, but also out of love and concern for our neighbours. It is important that we seek to maintain a good witness. We do not want to bring the Lord Jesus Christ into disrepute by either failing to be good citizens nor, worse, by ignoring advice and being the cause of a COVID-19 outbreak. This could ruin our gospel witness for the time ahead.


Therefore it is vitally important that we adhere to the guidance. Whilst some of the instructions below might seem excessive we want to do all that is within our capability to be blameless in our approach before the world. So, if it is your intention to physically join us in church (when we re-open), please pay close attention to the following instructions.


1. Please do not come if you have a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.


2. The government guidance states that those over 70 and in the vulnerable category should seriously consider staying at home as much as possible.


3. Any who attend with children must keep them close at all times whilst on the premises.


4. The interior of the building and all door handles will be cleaned and sanitised in preparation for each service and then afterwards. During the service windows and doors will remain open where possible to ensure good ventilation.


5. Only the front main church entrance will be used for entry and exit unless in an emergency when other fire exits will be brought into use.


6. The building will be open twenty minutes before service times, i.e. 10.10 a.m. for the morning service and 6.10 p.m. for the evening service.


7. The seating will be arranged with safe distancing measures in place. The two metre distance will be maintained and signage to remind attendees of this will be found in the building. The reduction in the number of seats should not create a problem as our usual congregation by no means requires all the seats we have. Nevertheless, there will be allocated seats for regular attenders.


8. Couples will be able to sit together (with their children if they have any), as will others who live together, for example two (or more) adult siblings. All single people will need to sit two metres away from other people.

9. In the unlikely event of there being a queue waiting to enter the building, please observe the safe distance rule in the queue and be sensitive to those passing by.


10. To avoid crowding, attendees should not stop for conversations in the entrance hall or the main hall. They should make their way to their seats and remain there throughout the service, except if they need to use the toilet.


11. On entering the building, attendees will be asked to provide contact details to someone appointed for this task. This is for NHS Track and Trace records. The information will be kept for 21 days and then shredded.


12. Also on entrance, hand sanitiser will be administered by another appointed person. Hand cleaning products will also be available in the toilets.


13. The services will be simple and straightforward with Bible readings, prayers and a message. At this early stage there will be no singing. This will be kept under review should government guidance be updated. Regular attenders are asked to bring their own Bibles and hymn books and take them home again each time. Those who do not own a hymn book are asked to use one of the church hymn books, take it home and bring it back for each service. Occasional visitors will be given a church hymn book (and Bible if necessary) which will be cleaned and quarantined for 72 hours after the service.


14. The back room and the kitchen will be out-of-bounds for all attendees. If you require water, please bring your own bottle.


15. Someone will oversee a phased exit from the building after the service. This will be one row at a time starting from the back (nearest the road). It is essential that this order is followed in order to avoid any congestion. Attendees should not delay to leave the building, or the premises once outside.


16. There will no facility for an offering at the services. Those who would like to give towards the Lord’s work and do not use a standing order or on-line banking are asked to send to the pastor a cheque made out to the church.


17. Under the government’s latest mandatory requirement, all who attend services will be required to wear a mask.


Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and co-operation in these arrangements. Please take them seriously. They will be kept under review and we look forward, God willing, to a time when these things will no longer apply and we can meet without restrictions.

Risk Assessment for Needham Market Evangelical Church


Please click here for a copy of our Risk Assessment for the reopening of the Church building.

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