COVID -19 Information

We are thankful to God that we were able to open our Church building again on Easter Sunday and we trust that we will continue to meet for worship every Sunday from now on at 10.30am and 6.30pm. A warm welcome awaits all who would like to join with us.


It is still necessary for us to continue following Government Guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus and therefore Social Distancing remains in place. In this connection, please phone us on 0771 999 6371 or 01394 271645 to let us know if you plan to attend.


Please don’t come if you have any of the symptoms advised by the Government such as:-   a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.


The inside of the building and all door handles will be cleaned and sanitised in preparation for each service and afterwards. During the services, ventilation will be provided as much as is practicable.


The building will be open twenty minutes before service times, i.e. 10.10 a.m. for the morning service and 6.10 p.m. for the evening service.


Only the front door will be used for entering and leaving the building, except in an emergency, when the fire doors on either side of the building can be used.


On arrival you will need to wear a face mask and sanitise your hands with a sanitiser provided in the entrance.


If you haven’t already done so, please provide us with your contact details for NHS Track and Trace purposes. These details will be retained for 21 days and then destroyed.


Please keep coats and other personal belongings with you, rather than use the coat hooks in the entrance hall.


Please bring you own Bible with you, and hymn book too if you have one. This will be very helpful, as, although there are Bibles and hymn books available in the building, if used, they will need to be sanitised and put to one side for 72 hours after each service.


If you bring any children with you, please keep them close to you at all times while you are in the building.


You will be greeted at the door by our stewards who will direct you to the seat(s) that have been allocated to you. At the end of the service, please remain in your seat until the steward indicates when you can leave. This is to avoid congestion in the aisle or doorway.


We are still not permitted to sing out loud. However, we will stand for the hymns and follow the words as the organ plays, perhaps singing very quietly under your breath.


In order to reduce the risk of spreading infections, there will be no offering box available at the services. Please make your offerings by Standing Order, bank transfer or by sending/giving a cheque to the pastor (made out to Needham Market Evangelical Church). If none of these options is practicable for you, please speak to the pastor and he will do what he can to help.


The back room and the kitchen remain out of use. If you regularly need a drink of water, please bring your own bottle. If you need to access the toilets, please speak to one of the stewards.


We are still not permitted to socialise inside. Outside the rule of 6 now applies.


Our services will continue to be relayed on Zoom and YouTube, and CDs will still be available for those who would like them. Please see our web site for connection details.


It is obvious from the foregoing, that now we are open again, things are still different in some ways to what we were used to. I’m afraid it is inevitable that we shall feel uncomfortable about some things, like the lack of physical contact, the absence of congregational singing, and the wearing of masks. These things may seem like thorns in the flesh to us, but let’s remember the promise of the Saviour that his grace is sufficient to enable us to endure much greater trials than these. We pray that as the lockdown eases that these restrictions will soon be lifted.


As we move forward in the life of this local church, let us give thanks for the facilities provided by the telephone and internet, without which we would have been really isolated over the last year. Let us pray that the continuing opportunities afforded to us by these means will be wisely used by us, and made fruitful under the mighty hand of God. Above all, let’s pray that the Lord will glorify himself as he works in and through us to make us as a city that is set on a hill and cannot be hidden.

Risk Assessment for Needham Market Evangelical Church


Please click here for a copy of our Risk Assessment for the reopening of the Church building.